Facebook Ads Accounts, Buy Aged Accounts of Real Users for your Advertising Campaign

No need to worry about bans
The long-term viability of each Facebook ad account you buy– just follow our instructions
Complete trustworthiness of each account.

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What You Get with Our Facebook Ads Accounts Buy

1. Real Accounts belonging to real people

When you choose our Facebook Ads Accounts, you buy high-quality accounts belonging to real people. No below average accounts or bots.

4. Ease of use

Each account is issued with its own VM with access to RDP. With our Facebook ads accounts, buy and work with multiple accounts at the same time.

2. No limit on daily costs

Almost any of our Facebook ads accounts you buy has no limit on daily costs. On the contrary, daily costs can quickly increase if you follow our instructions.

5. Proxy access

Connect to your Facebook ads accounts through the resident reverse proxy of the same country from which the account owner logs in.

3. Significant account age

The accounts we issue according to our standard practices are older than two years.

6. Professional support 24/7

Our experts are available to assist you 24/7 and solve all issues relevant to our service. 

Ads Account

100$ 60$
  • High Quality Facebook Ads Accounts
  • All information about reactivation
  • Aged / PVA / Cookie/ Business Manager
  • Many Friends
  • Ready for ads
  • No Daily limit
  • Marketplace
  • Guarantees for 48h
  • 24/7 support
  • Country: Worldwide

Farm Accounts

150$ 100$
  • High Quality Facebook Ads Accounts
  • All information about reactivation
  • Aged / PVA / Cookie/ Business Manager
  • Perfect for whitehat agencies
  • Many Friends
  • No Daily limit
  • Ready for ads
  • Marketplace
  • Guarantees for 48h
  • 24/7 support
  • Country: USA/NL

How does it work?


We provide remotely accessed USA Facebook Ads Accounts, buy.


Access each Facebook Ads Accounts you buy via RDP configured for perfect functionality

You advertise on Facebook

Advertise your products or services using Facebook Ad

Boost Your Success

  • If the authorization data is changed, we will replace the account.
  • If the Facebook ads accounts you buy banned during the white hat ad, we will immediately replace it.
  • Please note that we are not accountable for the replacement or return of the account due to other reasons like black themes, misuse, etc.

1. What kind of accounts do you offer?
We only provide the accounts of real users.

2. What country do your FB ad account come from?
Most of our account come from Tier 1 countries.

3.What about if I want geotargeting; how many account will I get?
We have access to all geolocations and can offer an unlimited amount of accounts.

4. What sort of activities will the Facebook ads accounts buy? Any bots?
No, we do not offer pages with bot activities. All our pages have activities by real users.

5. How are account connections performed?
We use mobile proxies in the same country as the account.

6. What sort of IP do the accounts use? Will it affect my charge limit?
We use proxies with a single IP address for all our accounts. If you follow our simple rules, you won’t go past a $900USD charge limit.

7. What happens if the account is banned during the white theme ad?
If the account is banned during the white theme ad, we will replace it immediately.

8. What happens if the authorization data is changed?
Should that happen, we will immediately replace your account.

9. Are there any instances where the FB ad account I buy will not be replaced?
Yes. Should your account encounter any issues with your account as a result of black themes, misuse or any similar cause, we will not be held responsible. In such circumstances, we won’t be replacing or returning the account.

10. How long will my account last?
The life circle of each FB ad account you buy depends on the details of your campaigns.

11. Will the accounts stop working?
If you are cautions and follow our recommendations, the advertising your Facebook ads accounts buy can go on for as long as you want. Advertising experience is also important.

12. How do I pay for the accounts?

There are two ways to pay for the accounts.Through
Bitcoin, and PayPal (Family/Friends)